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During the civil war period in the 1970s, especially in the era of Democratic Kampuchea, the regime brought about downfall of Cambodia. The civil war continued to rage on during the 1980s.   


However, thanks to the strong efforts and commitment to peace seeking from all Khmer factions at that time, the Paris Peace Accord was eventually established on 23rd October 1991. The peace agreement provided a political solution for Cambodia and permitted all Cambodian people who lived in the camps along Cambodia-Thailand border to be repatriated back to their homeland, included those with several children. 


Meanwhile, many demobilized soldiers had to face unemployment and therefore important difficulties. Seeing the situation at that time, ADTJK - the Association for the Technical Development of Khmer Youth - decided to open a vocational training center in 1993 in Ampil Village, Banteay Ampil District, Udor-Meanchey Province. The main objective of establishing the vocational training center at that time was to provide the professional skills such as carpentry and mechanism. Then, in 1994, ATDJK decided to move to the center of the Banteay Meanchey Province, located in the north-west of Cambodia. This province was affected by the prolonged civil war for many years. The civil war resulted in many vulnerable children, orphans, domestic violence and starvation. The population, especially the children,  truly needed assistance.

With the agreement of the Banteay Meanchey authorities, the Department of Social Affairs, Vocational Training and Youth Rehabilitation and other relevant agencies, the governor donated a piece of land to ADTJK to run its programs. In 1998, the association ADTJK and its donors AEC-Foyer Lataste jointly agreed to transfer the vocational training center into a children's home with the main objective to help the above vulnerable children.  At the beginning of the time, only 25 children lived at the center. The center provided service care, and education to them in particular safe shelter, food, medical care and both the formal education at public school as well as additional classes so that they could have knowledge and life skills for their future.

Our History
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Who Are We


We are an independent, non-religious and apolitical NGO, specializing in the protection and education of children in difficulties in Cambodia and has been working since 1994 to support children and their families and promote their autonomy through access to education, health and culture.


Our mission is to contribute to Cambodia’s development by supporting children who are truly disadvantaged while respecting their culture and their traditions. The help given to the children allows them to freely decide on their future by giving them access to education, to health, and to cultural awareness as well as pride. Therefore, children become actors in the development of their country in the field they choose.

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