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Child protection is a priority in Cambodia where situations can be fragile.  ADTJK works closely with the local authorities and the social services to prevent or answer to abuse, neglect, exploitation situations or any other form of bad treatment done to children. 


To prevent any of this, the association intervenes with extremely disadvantaged families to avoid poverty leading to child dropout, child labor or other terrible consequences (FAMILY SUPPORT IN THE COMMUNITY PROGRAM). When the social services believe that a child is in immediate danger, he/she is taken in charge by our team (FOSTER MOTHER PROGRAM). Every child benefits from an appropriate support to their situation and long-term monitoring.



Our support allows disadvantaged families to send their children to school and to give them decent life conditions. Moreover, through regular prevention campaigns, families are sensitized to many important topics such as health, hygiene, children’s rights, illegal migration… Each and every family’s situation is looked after very closely by our team.

Action: material and financial help

Target: children from disadvantaged and vulnerable family from Banteay Meanchey Province

Number of Beneficiaries: about fifty-five families



Children from 5 to 12 years old are accommodated in the family houses where they grow up with a foster mother. Children older than 13 years old are accommodated at the Teenager Foyer where they benefit from a bigger autonomy. The Foyer Lataste offers an environment conductive to the children’s good development. They are fed, cared for, educated, supervised and pampered. They can also enjoy a lot of sports, arts, cultural, playful, and educational activities.

Action: accommodation and full care for the children at the Foyer Lataste

Target: Orphans, abandoned children, abused children, children in family breakdowns or children in danger referred by the social services, starting at 5 years old

Number of Beneficiaries: about eighteen children

Family Support in the Community Program
Foster Mother Program
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