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It is our great pleasure to welcome volunteers or interns, especially Cambodian youths/students, wishing to help us in our fields of work. Each mission is defined according to  the skills, interests, experiences and/or projects of each volunteer. 


We especially need volunteers/interns to help us with: 

  • Gardening, handicraft and construction

  • Informatics skills to improve teaching tools

  • Workshops and training with the children on specific issues (for example raising awareness on children’s rights, women’s rights or the environment)

  • Activities with children during the holidays in October (for example creation of a mural fresco, music or circus workshops)

  • Fundraising events

  • Communication, etc.

Some experiences and specific skills might be required depending on the missions of the volunteering.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our team!

Please contact us at: 

Malai SUO, Executive Director

(+855) 12 508 764

Simon DELABOUGLISE, Field Coordinator

(+855) 81 521 713

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