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Like the educational system, the health care in Cambodia was badly damaged by the civil war years. Today the government and the international partners have developed a health system that is very well established locally through municipal health centers. However due to precarious living conditions and the low level of education of the population, numerous inevitable diseases still affect many people (tetanus, AIDS, dengue, malaria, diarrhea…). Beyond the children’s medical follow-up supported by the association, we have chosen to develop preventive actions in the children’s communities.


Our goal is to allow the children to grow up healthy and set up preventive actions to the health state of the children’s communities. Nutrition is one of our program’s key points. We regularly welcome specialists to help us in the elaboration of individualized follow-ups.




In addition to the necessary daily vigilance in terms of hygiene, every child taken in care by the association benefits from a regular medical follow-up provided by local health professionals: growth monitoring, vaccinations, dental care… Moreover, we fully take in charge the most substantial medical care to keep the families from getting into debt or to send their children to work to pay back their debts.


The association works with local authorities to promote prevention in critical areas: drinkable water, infectious disease prevention, dengue and malaria prevention. We organize prevention campaigns with specialists’ interventions and health and hygiene products’ distribution (mosquito nets, deworming, etc.).

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