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Partnership with Education pour Tous les Enfants

In a few words, can you explain to us what the ETE Education pour Tous les Enfants Association is?

ETE Cambodia is a small Haute-Savoie association created in 2010 and wanted by teachers who could not remain doing nothing regarding the needs of children in a developing country like Cambodia and did not accept that some were left behind the growth of the country economy. Very quickly, the association obtained the support from parents and friends who mobilized to give the means of action. The association was present in Sihanoukville, in the south of Cambodia until 2019.

You have been working in Cambodia for a long time. What attracts you so much to this country and makes you come back every year to invest for children?

I came to Cambodia for the first time in 2006. Besides the extreme poverty, what struck me first was the kindness of Cambodians towards foreigners. Then I gradually discovered the strength of women in a country in which gender inequality still persists, although Cambodia has made progress for 15 years, the awareness of some young people to design a different way of life, and finally the kindness and the smile of the children. I have always been supported in my commitment by the enthusiasm of the members of the Board Trustee of ETE Cambodia.

And why now in the Foyer Lataste?

I was seduced by the way of the Foyer Lataste: the strong hand-in-hand Cambodian team which was created at the time when Cambodia had to be revived and the French team are attentive and open to intercultural dialogue, which for me is the very foundation of any action in a foreign country.

I like their support for young people towards their autonomy. Finally, I like the Cambodian countryside.

You will regularly invest in the Foyer Lataste over the next few years. Can you tell us what you want to bring to improve in the Foyer Lataste's project?

I wish to share with the educational team my experience as a trainer, in order to improve the teaching practice of teachers within their class, by reflecting with them on the means of diversifying their teaching and adopting more communicative methods, in respect of Khmer culture. A diversity of ideas and visions can only enrich the project of the association, participate in the development of students and reach their level of success.

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