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A Crowdfunding to Provide Water Bottles for the Children of Khla Kaun Thmei Village

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

In July 2019, the children and teens of the center received the first water bottles made for the Foyer Lataste, the visuals of which were created by one of the association's beneficiaries. Now, everyone can come and fill their personal water bottle at the drinking water purification unit installed on the site.

ADTJK has also launched a participatory fundraising campaign via the Gofundme website and through direct donation to its ABA bank account. The aim of this fundraising campaign is to finance and distribute new water bottles to the children attending the School Support Centre and Somras Komar primary school.

Our initiative is part of the development of actions in favor of the environment at the local level, one of the main orientations of the association in 2020. Indeed, this project addresses the endemic problem of waste management in Cambodia, and therefore the need to limit the consumption of plastic packaging, especially bottles. In order to preserve the environment and the health of the inhabitants of the Sisophon region, it is therefore imperative to propose and encourage alternative solutions, such as metal water bottles, in a sustainable approach.

Thanks to the contributions of our supporters, we have already managed to collect over 2000$. This sum already makes it possible to offer more than 300 water bottles to the children of the village of Khla Kaun Thmei. But we don't intend to stop there.

We still need to reach our goal of 4 000$. The Foyer Lataste will then be able to distribute 710 water bottles, but also buy biodegradable packaging and carry out awareness-raising activities with the schools and the stalls installed there.

A big thank you to all donors, present and future!

By sharing this article and the link to the crowdfunding, but above all by talking about this initiative around you, you can help increase the visibility of this fundraising and mobilize even more donors.

Find all the details and follow the evolution of the pool by clicking here!

Each donation of 5$ enables to buy a water bottle for a child.

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