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How the Foyer Lataste Faced the COVID-19 Outbreak in Cambodia

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

At the same pace as the global Covid-19 epidemic, Cambodia has been on alert since the beginning of February. On March 16 th , the government called on all public and private schools to close their doors to prevent the spread of the virus. The most feared outbreak in the country is a communal outbreak. While the number of people infected - more than 100 - and the ratio of people cured - almost all of them - seem promising, the population remains suspicious.

The economy is still operating at a slow pace with many sectors affected. A large part of the population lives on a day-to-day basis and buys food with the money raised during the day. This makes people's situation very tenuous and uncertain, with many losing their jobs. In the Banteay Meanchey region and in Sisophon, the closure of the border with Thailand has created a lot of unemployment for workers and market vendors. In total, nearly 750,000 Cambodians work daily in Thailand according to an IOM report. Along with tourism, these are the two sectors most affected by economic hardships.

After more than four months, there is very little information about the reopening of schools. To date, it is still considered too risky for fear of not being able to manage a second wave in view of the available sanitary means. Online courses are offered on television and on the internet.

In this context, the ADTJK has been focusing on monitoring children and teenagers who had returned to their families and spreading preventive hygiene measures. After a couple of months, all children from the foster houses and four youngsters living in the boarding house have returned to the center. The staff has since been dedicated to offer to them quality pedagogical activities while the schools remain closed. The children follow a weekly schedule including online and T.V broadcast classes, as well as activities animated by the staff such as Khmer, English, informatic or art classes.

The ADTJK will maintain its efforts until the improvement of the sanitary situation and the return of all its beneficiaries to the center!

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